Peru exports to China totaled US$11.455 bn in 2017

19:17 | Lima, Feb. 6.

Peruvian exports to China amounted to US$11.455 billion in 2017, a 36% increase compared to 2016, Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) reported Tuesday.

This makes China the primary market for Peruvian shipments, accounting for 26% of total exports.

This way, China surpassed other major destinations like the United States (16%), the European Union (15%), Switzerland (5%), and South Korea (5%). 

The most demanded products in the Asian giant were copper minerals (31%), copper cathodes (37%), fish meal (65%), iron minerals (26%) and silver minerals (23%).

It must be noted the aforementioned products' export value increased 31%, 37%, 65%, 26% and 23%, respectively, compared to 2016.

"This was mainly due to an increase in the price of these products in the international market," Idexcam Executive-Director Carlos Posada said.


Published: 2/6/2018
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