Peru President: Health, education services to be accessed by all citizens

14:53 | Huancabamba (Piura region) Nov. 12.

The Peruvian Government's commitment is to make sure that health and education services reach out to all Peruvians, and a proof of this statement are the various works delivered in all national regions, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Tuesday.

During the inauguration of the Canchaque Health Center located in Huancabamba Province, the Head of State indicated that his administration works hand-in-hand with regional and local authorities to meet the needs of the underprivileged population and bring high-quality infrastructure closer to them, such as road axes and modern hospitals.

"Health and education must be universal; that is the decision, as well as the commitment of this Government to citizens, in order to assist them and make all the efforts, so that the State reaches out to them, having in mind that the country is a single unit," he emphasized.

"The country is not only composed of the big capitals; we have coast, highland and jungle, and all of us —as we have said— are Peruvians who are worth exactly the same. That's why we travel all over Peru and bring services to all Peruvians," he added.

The top official indicated that there are more than four million citizens who do not have any type of health insurance —a situation that must be reverted.

The statesman noted that —with good health and education services— the foundations are being laid to achieve progress and development in the Inca country.

He mentioned that citizens have the responsibility to ensure the future of their children with the proper nourishment and education.

The President underlined that Peruvians' health is very important to the Government. Thus, the hospitals of Ayabaca, Huancabamba, and Huarmaca are being simultaneously built in Piura region. Besides, there is a commitment to start a new construction in Sullana next year.


Published: 11/12/2019
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