Peru Prime Minister: Democracy is stronger than ever

10:22 | Puno (Puno region), Nov. 5.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva has affirmed democracy in Peru is stronger than ever.

According to the Cabinet chief, talking about a coup —nowadays— is a sign of disrespect to the Inca country's Armed Forces

The official also confirmed President Martin Vizcarra's administration respects the Constitution and democracy

"A coup d’état involves breaking the Constitution. President Vizcarra has stated very clearly that we respect our Magna Carta and respect democracy," Villanueva expressed. 

"We could not even consider staging a coup," he added. 

Likewise, the Prime Minister pointed out the recent changes made to the military institutions are in accordance with the usual institutional renovations that are carried out every two years. 

In this sense, the official ruled out a takeover of the Public Ministry or Congress, as some people had falsely stated.

Remarks were made during South-Andean Puno city's 350th-anniversary ceremony last Sunday.

Prime Minister Villanueva attended the event on behalf of the President. He was joined by ministers, Congress members, as well as regional and local authorities.

Published: 11/5/2018
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