Peru PM: Serious dialogue with political parties enriches democracy

13:11 | Lima, Apr. 18.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva has reaffirmed dialogue will be an essential tool —during his administration— to implement a common development agenda that puts the country's interests ahead.

In this sense, the government official highlighted the meetings he has been holding with several political parties making up Congress.

"We have started a serious dialogue, in which there are agreements and discrepancies, and that is what enriches democracy," he remarked.

Villanueva also expressed his hope that the Executive and Legislative Branches can jointly pursue a development agenda including essential topics.

He went on to stress the relevance of having a political class committed to maturity and that —despite differences— agrees on important issues.

As is known, Villanueva started the "political dialogue for Peru" with various parliamentary groups last week.

This set of meetings takes place prior to the presentation of his Ministerial Cabinet on May 2. On the occasion, he will set out his administration's guidelines and request Congress' confidence vote.

Lastly, Villanueva reiterated his administration will be characterized for being in permanent contact with all civil society sectors and organizations, as well as political forces, in pursuit of the country's governability.


Published: 4/18/2018
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