Peru: President Vizcarra's approval rating up to 52%

00:00 | Lima, Sep. 24.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra's approval rating grew to 52% in September 2018, the latest GfK poll revealed.

This figure implies an increase of 9 percentage points from August (43%). The disapproval rating dropped from 46% to 36%.

The regions showing the highest approval ratings are located in the east (69%) and Lima (53%).

When asked if they believe whether or not President Vizcarra has a clear development plan for the Inca country, 45% of respondents say "yes."

As for the referendum, 56% affirm they agree to submit for public consultation the bill to reform the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM), while 27% disagree.

Likewise, 69% agree to hold a referendum to determine whether Peruvians want lawmakers to be re-elected, whereas 23% of those asked express disagreement.

In addition, 52% of those surveyed say they agree to put Congress' bicameral system proposal to a referendum, while 30% disagree.

Regarding the bill on political parties' private financing, 59% of respondents think it should be subject to public consultation.

Furthermore, 66% say they would support President Vizcarra's potential decision to close Congress if the referendum proposals' approval is delayed, while 27% express disagreement.  

Technical details

Pollster name: GfK Conecta
Published by: La Republica newspaper
Coverage: National level (urban and rural areas)
Sample size: 1,184 respondents in 17 regions, 19 provinces, and 80 districts.
Margin of error: +/- 2.7%.
Fieldwork period: September 15th-19th, 2018


Published: 9/24/2018