Peru President: The citizens must elect their authorities

11:02 | Lima, Sep. 16.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra has lamented that some people currently try to discredit the early general elections proposal —submitted by the Executive Branch to Congress— and the possibility of citizens deciding to cut short the term in office of lawmakers and the president.

"(…) I have seen some experts say, in order to discredit our proposal, that we must not listen to the people, because the people can be wrong. That is not true. We must give them the responsibility (to choose their authorities). Authorities owe it to the people," the Head of State expressed. 

Within this framework, the top official stressed the population's decision must not be feared.

According to the President, authorities must present plans aimed at improving citizens' quality of life

"If, at any moment, we have to take a step aside, so new authorities can come, we do it due to the respect the population deserves," the statesman said. 

Remarks were made in Lima's peripheral Carabayllo district, where he announced the expansion of water and sewage works that will benefit 150,000 residents. 


Published: 9/16/2019
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