Peru President on bicameral legislature: No additional spending required

10:36 | Lima, Sep. 27.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday said that switching to a bicameral parliamentary system does not require additional Congress spending.

The Head of State took the opportunity to reiterate his confidence that the four reform projects —proposed by the Executive Branch— will be passed before October 4.

"Moving from a unicameral Parliament to a bicameral system does not mean increasing spending. We have demonstrated it," Vizcarra added. 

The high-ranking official hailed Congress' decision to approve —on Wednesday— the draft bill on political parties' private financing —the second of four reform initiatives launched by his Government. 

"We are confident the other two reforms will be passed before October 4, according to the commitment (of spokespersons), and that the referendum will be held on December 9," the statement pointed out.

"I cannot doubt the formal commitment made by political parties at Congress and the confidence vote we received," Vizcarra affirmed.

"We are on schedule, and there is no doubt it will be followed as expected," he said after highlighting Peruvians' willingness to vote in the referendum.

Under this premise, Peru's top official affirmed he has no doubt citizens will express their opinion on the four reforms, which are the start of a structural change within institutions that need to be strengthened.


Published: 9/27/2018