Peru President: Gov't strives to provide healthcare services to all citizens

18:27 | Lima, Jul. 3.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday remarked one of his administration's objectives is to provide high-quality medical services to all citizens nationwide, with enough capacity to handle complex cases.

As is known, the Head of State participated in a ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of the National Children's Health Institute (INSN).

On the occasion, he highlighted the operational efficiency of this hospital, which serves 130,000 people a year and whose work is a reference point for the administration's goals in the field of health.

"If we wanted to set an objective that we would like to achieve, it would be this. We would like to have this teamwork and the service you provide, as well as be able to replicate it everywhere," he said while addressing the workers of the aforementioned hospital.

In addition, the Peruvian leader underlined this Government expects the commitment —shown by INSN staff— to spread to other health facilities in the Inca country with the purpose of enhancing their efficiency and care quality.

Likewise, Vizcarra recalled he had visited Lima-based Children's Hospital in the first week of his administration.

"We can all contribute to achieving better health services," he concluded.


Published: 7/3/2018
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