Peru President: Economy to grow 3.5% in 2019

12:02 | Lima, Jul. 25.

President Martin Vizcarra on Sunday projected Peru's economy will expand 3.5% in 2019, noting this result will exceed the region's outcome this year.

Likewise, the Head of State indicated the Inca country's GDP growth rate will surpass the global average growth rate. 

In this sense, he underlined Peruvian economy must raise its growth potential in order to achieve higher rates in the upcoming years. 


"The great challenge, which has been clear since the beginning, is to open a different path for Peru, a horizon of growth, progress, and well-being for everyone, laying Peru's institutional foundations towards the Bicentennial (2021)," the statesman expressed. 

According to the top official, in 2018, the Inca country positioned itself as one of the economies with the highest growth rates in the region, as it expanded 4%.

President Vizcarra went on to add this progress was possible despite the serious corruption acts the nation faces

"These (actions) have generated, and we must say it clearly, mistrust. However, thanks to the country's willingness and the huge productive capacities, we are reverting that situation," he expressed.

As is known, the Vizcarra administration has launched a frontal fight against corruption in the Inca country.


Published: 7/28/2019
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