Peru President: Economic reactivation to be gradual, growth to resume in 2021

18:50 | Lima, May. 5.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday affirmed that Peru's economic reactivation will be gradual, and that the country will return to the path of growth and development in 2021.

"What we propose to do in the meantime, as the infection rate reaches less than 1, is to restart some activities —with the necessary and verified care— to generate sources of work required by the entire population, but that implies a gradual process," he stated

Mr. Vizcarra explained that companies and economic activities will gradually resume as they provide proof of measures taken to prevent infection during their operations.

The Peruvian leader remarked that the gradual restart of economic activities in May was misunderstood by the population, who assumed it was going to begin during the first week of this month, which explains the large number of people on the street.


The top official indicated that, in this first stage of the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts of the population and institutions are aimed at containing its spread.

This is not a one-month or three-month disease. This is the stage when the epidemic spreads, while institutions and the population work to contain it.

"The second stage, or intermediate stage, is when we try to resume the activities that were underway prior to the epidemic. We plan to return to that path of progress and development —that all Peruvians want— next year, and that stage is difficult and complex," the President explained.

In this sense, he noted that the worst thing that Peruvians can do is to be overconfident. Therefore, everyone must act responsibly in order to avoid a new outbreak of the epidemic.

"The future is in our hands, it depends on the unity of Peruvians," the statesman underlined.

On this occasion, the President was joined by some members of the Council of Ministers. The event was held at the command post of the Peruvian Air Force in Lima.

Tuesday marks the fifty-first day of mandatory social isolation.


Published: 5/5/2020
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