Peru: Economic activities to resume this May

13:22 | Lima, May. 4.

The Peruvian Government has published the Supreme Decree No. 080-2020-PCM, which establishes the gradual resumption of 27 activities in four economic sectors, thus incorporating precautions and necessary protection measures to prevent COVID-19 infections and minimize the risk of a spike.

According to the regulations, the fundamental criteria for the gradual and progressive implementation of the Resumption of Activities' phases are linked to public health, possible increased risk of contagion, social dimension, and economic activity.

Before resuming activities, companies or natural/legal persons must observe the guidelines for the surveillance of the health of workers, who are at risk of exposure to the coronavirus, as well as the Sectorial Protocols to prepare their "Plan for Surveillance, Prevention and Control of the COVID-19 at Work."

In addition, they shall proceed to register in the Integrated System for COVID-19 (SICOVID-19) belonging to the Ministry of Health.

In this sense, Economy and Finance Minister Maria Antonieta Alva indicated that —following the completion of resumption of activities' first phase— Peru's economy will return to operating at 70% of its capacity.

The cabinet member explained that a plan to restart activities has been planned, which will be implemented in four phases. Each one will last a month. In addition, there will be continuous monitoring to find out which improvements can be made.

Phase 1 of the Resumption of Activities begins in May 2020. The corresponding activities are linked to the following sectors: mining and industry; construction; tourism and services; as well as commerce.


Published: 5/4/2020
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