Peru President: COVID-19 contagion rate in decline

16:21 | Pucallpa (Ucayali region), Jun. 18.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed that the COVID-19 contagion rate is decreasing in Peru, which allows the Government to resume productive activities gradually and progressively.

While inaugurating Villa EsSalud Pucallpa (EsSalud Village), the Head of State asserted that the strategy to stop the coronavirus spread is working because the contagion rate is going down.

"The strategy is working, the contagion rate is decreasing, it is less than 1, and that allows us to gradually and progressively resume the economic activities," he underlined.

"We must work to combat the pandemic. Unfortunately, there is always a (dishonest) authority who takes advantage of (the emergency) to commit wrongdoings. To counter such acts, we need concurrent control and oversight," he emphasized.

EsSalud Village

Furthermore, the President stressed that more than 1,000 ivermectin treatments were allocated to Pucallpa for patients affected by COVID-19.

In addition, the statesman reaffirmed his commitment to improving the hospital offer to fight against the new coronavirus nationwide and have 20,000 beds in a month.

The leader said Villa EsSalud Pucallpa is ready to receive patients while taking the appropriate measures with beds and an equipped pharmacy, as well as oxygen supply.

Likewise, the leader mentioned —that once the emergency is over— health infrastructure works will be resumed. As example, he mentioned the Pucallpa Hospital.

On this occasion, the President was joined by EsSalud Executive President Fiorella Molinelli.

Thursday marks the ninety-fifth day of mandatory social isolation in Peru.


Published: 6/18/2020