Peru adds 4,800 hospital and 230 ICU beds in fight against coronavirus

10:28 | Lima, May. 29.

The head of the National COVID-19 Operations Command Pilar Mazzetti affirmed that the State will get 4,800 hospital beds and 230 ICU beds to be used in the next 3 or 4 months according to the demand for care of COVID-19 patients.

"The Peruvian State has put in place a strategy to have hospital and ICU beds available for 3 or 4 months according to the needs," she explained.

Mazzetti noted that this will allow Peru to add 4,800 hospital beds and around 230 intensive care unit beds so as not to near the bed limit when it comes to meeting the demand for care of coronavirus patients.


The official reported that the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) and the Association of Private Clinics of Peru (ACP) have reached an agreement on the rates for the exchange of services related to the treatment of COVID-19.

"This means the Ministry of Health (Minsa) will ensure that there is funding in place for SIS to use private sector beds if necessary," she told Canal N local channel.

Thus, according to the former health minister, SIS will be able to purchase the service for those who need it, as a result of an agreement in which the parties had to moderate their demands to some extent.


Published: 5/29/2020
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