Peru President: Constitution Commission unwilling to make necessary changes

14:48 | Lima, May. 21.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday affirmed he sees no willingness on the part of Congressional Constitution Commission to approve the political reform and implement the changes the country needs.

For that reason, the Head of State decided to join Prime Minister Salvador del Solar and Justice-Human Rights Minister Vicente Zeballos in Parliament in order to reaffirm his support for the Government's stance on the need to promote this reform. 

In this sense, he mentioned the Constitution Commission shelved —in 24 hours and without debate— the bill that would grant the Supreme Court the authority to lift parliamentary immunity.

"We believe this kind of attitude reveals the lack of will to make the changes required by Peru in order to reach the bicentennial in a better shape of mind," the statesman expressed. 

Therefore, the top official and ministers submitted a letter —signed by Del Solar and addressed to Rosa Bartra, the Commission's chair— informing they would not participate in this Constitution Commission's session, claiming it lacks the conditions for doing so.

"My presence —alongside Prime Minister and Justice Minister— is in support for the Government's stance based on a State policy, a policy designed to strengthen democracy and institutions," President Vizcarra expressed. 

Finally, the Head of State urged Constitution Commission members and Parliament to responsibly address the political reform bills, while taking into account what is best for the country. 


Published: 5/21/2019
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