Peru: President confident six reform bills to be approved

12:34 | Lima, Jul. 8.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra has affirmed he is confident the six political reform bills —included in the confidence motion— will have been approved by July 25th, the date on which the extended legislative term will come to an end.

According to the Head of State, he is pleased with the priority Parliament has given to the discussion of the proposed initiatives, but not with the results due to the slow progress seen. 

In this sense, the top official pointed out many weeks have passed since the bills were presented, and —so far— Congress has approved two of the six submitted proposals. 

However, he reaffirmed his confidence and optimism that Parliament will approve the proposals by respecting the vote of confidence it granted to Prime Minister Salvador del Solar last June

Concerning his foreign advisor Maximiliano Aguiar, the statesman said the Argentinean is an expert on image consulting, who contributes with opinions. However, the final decisions are made by the President, he concluded.


Published: 7/8/2019
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