Peru President: Audios are proof of Govt efforts to find consensus

13:05 | Lima, Aug. 13.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday affirmed the unauthorized recordings of his meeting with Arequipa region's authorities —concerning the Tia Maria mining project— are proof that his administration undertakes efforts to find consensus in strict compliance with the law.

According to the Head of State, his administration supports investments in order to guarantee the Inca country's economic growth but considered these cannot be imposed. 

In this sense, the top official recalled the Tia Maria mining project dates back to 2011 and created social problems at that time.

"There are many people who criticize the government's position to seek dialogue, consensus; they want to give us lessons on how to solve the problem through confrontation and death," the President stated.

In 2011, the project-related confrontations led to three deaths. Two years before, a social conflict in Bagua took the lives of 33 people (23 police members and 10 residents).

"Is that the price they (former government representatives) are willing to pay in order to move the (investment) projects forward?" he asked.

Likewise, he indicated many authorities support his administration's decentralizing approach by listening to the mayors who represent the population, with whom he talked to reach an agreement.

Lastly, President Vizcarra stated that —during that meeting— he pointed out that any effort to seek consensus must comply with the law. 


Published: 8/13/2019
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