Peru has 363 investment projects worth US$115.467 billion

13:26 | Lima, Jul. 3.

Peru relies on a portfolio of 363 major projects worth around US$115.467 billion, Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) affirmed Wednesday.

According to CCL's Institute of Economics and Business Development (IEDEP), the 2019-2024 investment projects portfolio is composed of private investment (159), public investment (120), Public-Private Partnership (48), and Works for Taxes (36) ventures, distributed among 14 economic sectors.

"These investment projects represent around 50% of GDP this year. Only the ones with a minimum investment of US$10 million were considered (…)," IEDEP Executive Director Cesar Peñaranda expressed. 

Likewise, he indicated the mining sector has the greatest participation with 59 projects across 16 regions, which amount to US$52.927 billion (45.8% of the estimated total). 


Furthermore, he pointed out Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa regions have the highest participation in national GDP, as well as the highest number of investment projects: 45, 32, and 30, respectively. 

Concerning regions, Cajamarca (US$19.178 billion), Piura (US$13.442 billion), Lima (US$12.406 billion), and Apurimac (US$11.838 billion) regions concentrate the highest investment amounts.


On the other hand, there are 48 Public-Private Partnership projects worth US$10.025 billion, which might be awarded by ProInversion. 

Public investment and Works for Taxes

Moreover, public investment's 120 projects amount to US$12.027 billion, while Works for Taxes' 36 projects reach US$129 million. 40% of the latter are linked to the education sector

Works for Taxes is an income tax payment mode that allows companies to pay part of their tax bill by investing in public works, thus eliminating government institutions' need to mobilize public funds. 


Published: 7/3/2019
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