Peru: Political-justice reform referendum questions unveiled

13:25 | Lima, Oct. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday called a referendum for December 9 aimed at submitting four political-justice reforms for public consultation.

Below are the four referendum questions: 

1. Should the constitutional reform on the National Justice Board's composition and functions be implemented? 

2. Should the constitutional reform to regulate political parties' private financing be implemented? 

3. Should the constitutional reform to ban the re-election of lawmakers be implemented?

4. Should the constitutional reform on the return to a bicameral parliamentary system be implemented? 

They have to do with the re-election of lawmakers, the bicameral legislature, political parties' private financing, and the creation of the National Justice Board —formerly National Council of the Magistracy (CNM).

According to the Head of State, these modifications denaturalize the initiative. 

As is known, the release of audios containing phone conversations that involved judges, entrepreneurs, and CNM members led to a scandal in the justice system. 

Thus, the Vizcarra administration intends to implement a positive change in Peru with these reforms.


Published: 10/9/2018
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