Peru President reacts against changes in bicameral legislature reform project

11:39 | Lima, Oct. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra objected to Congress' changes made to the reform project envisaging the return of a bicameral legislature, warning they denaturalize the initiative.

The Head of State disagrees with the idea of disregarding the option that promotes gender equality in Parliament, as proposed by the Executive Branch in the bicameral legislature project.

He also expressed disagreement with the attempt to include the confidence motion issue in such reform.

According to the statesman, gender equality is a fundamental concept and the confidence motion —established by the current Constitution— contributes to the balance of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches.

However, he explained, "Congress wants to modify such balance to the detriment of the Executive by amending the regulation."

"They have used a constitutional reform project —primarily aimed to have a bicameral system. In fact, an article seeking those changes was included in the regulation. They want to give it strength and constitutional value through this reform," he pointed out.

"In our view, this denatures the concept of the reform project," Peru's top official warned.

Nevertheless, the President affirmed he agrees with the other three recently passed reforms on lawmakers' re-election, political parties' private financing, and the creation of the National Justice Board —formerly National Council of the Magistracy (CNM).

Finally, the Peruvian leader called a referendum for December 9 to pass the four constitutional reforms seeking to improve the Inca country's judicial-political system.


Published: 10/9/2018
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