Peru: Parliament commission passes draft bills to reform CNM

18:24 | Lima, Sep. 17.

Congress' Constitution Commission on Monday approved draft bills to reform the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM), including the proposal submitted by the Executive Branch.

The initiatives were passed with 14 votes in favor, 0 votes against, and 0 abstentions, during a Monday extraordinary session.

Last Sunday, President Martin Vizcarra announced his administration would request Parliament a confidence vote linked to the four projects aimed at boosting a political-justice reform. They are related to the lawmakers' re-election, bicameral parliamentary system, political parties' private financing, as well as National Council of the Magistracy (CNM).

Thus, the Vizcarra administration intends to implement a positive change in Peru by fighting corruption.

On the other hand, Congress Chairman Daniel Salaverry announced the Board of Spokespersons has agreed to pass the Executive's proposed reforms before October 4.

"Congress has the political will to get the reforms through before October 4. That's what the Board of Spokespersons has agreed upon, which is why we are in permanent session," he said at a press conference.

The reform must be implemented rapidly and correctly, he explained, as it will remain in time.

According to Salaverry, the commission has passed the articles concerning the reform of the CNM. Plus, he called a Congress plenary session for Tuesday to approve it.

"Also, the Constitution and Justice Commissions will pass the first political reform about the bicameral system, which will be immediately discussed, and if a decision is made, the agenda will be expanded to address it along with that on the CNM reform," he added.

As for President Vizcarra's request for an extraordinary session to present a confidence motion at Congress, Salaverry remarked the Board of Spokespersons denied it as "it was not in line with the constitutional framework."

"However, we've invited the Prime Minister (Cesar Villanueva) to set out the confidence motion this Wednesday during the plenary session," he pointed out.


Published: 9/17/2018