Peru PM: Commitment towards fight against corruption is serious, solid

10:43 | Lima, May. 2.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar affirmed the Executive Branch has a solid and serious commitment towards the fight against corruption carried out by Peruvian justice, concerning the Odebrecht case involving bribe payments to former government officials.

In this sense, the cabinet chief explained the Government currently assesses the allocation of extra budget to the Public Ministry, as requested by Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group Coordinator Rafael Vela. 

"The attitude of this Government regarding the progress made in the investigations on all corruption cases will remain the same. A solid commitment (…)," he expressed. 

Likewise, the high-ranking official recalled that —over a month ago— the Public Ministry received an extra S/24.5 million (around US$7.42 million) as requested.

"The Executive Branch will continue to provide the necessary tools to the justice institutions in order to leave those illegal practices behind," Del Solar said. 

Furthermore, he indicated the Government always looks towards the future.

"We believe Peruvians must be vigilant. They must listen and see, so they can realize who are the ones delaying justice and who are the ones supporting its progress (…)," the Prime Minister added. 

Remarks were made during a cabinet meeting session.


Published: 5/2/2019
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