Peru PM oversees reconstruction works in Piura region

18:00 | Sullana (Piura region), Mar. 18.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Monday supervised the progress made in the reconstruction process that began two years ago in Peru's northern areas following Coastal El Niño phenomenon.

On the occasion, he was joined by Authority for Reconstruction with Changes Chief Edgar Quispe, as well as Ministers Zulema Tomas (Health), Edmer Trujillo (Transport-Communications), and Carlos Bruce (Housing, Construction and Sanitation). 

First, they visited Sullana Province and oversaw the sectoral efforts undertaken to build a bridge above La Manuela stream. This structure will be 252 meters in length and directly benefit 85,000 people. 

They also verified that the Sullana-Talara Highway is completely operative. This road had been severely affected by the rains, and it was impassable less than two years ago. 

Afterwards, the official delegation toured the Narihuala side channel that is parallel to Piura River's left dam. 

Likewise, they were able to witness the progress made in the construction of the new Independencia Bridge


Published: 3/18/2019
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