Peru PM: Gov't to reduce childhood anemia to 19% thru 2021

14:42 | Lima, May. 2.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva on Wednesday affirmed one of the Government's main objectives —in social matters— is to sharply reduce anemia in children under three years of age and pregnant women.

During the presentation of his cabinet and administration's guidelines before Congress, Villanueva affirmed his commitment to reducing childhood anemia from the current 43% to 19% by 2021.

"Our first important commitment is to our children. It can't be possible that, after a decade of economic boom, anemia continues affecting our children's health, depriving them of development opportunities," he expressed.

According to Villanueva, his administration will implement "a multisectoral strategy including the mobilization of social programs' promoters and community agents with the purpose of fighting anemia and malnutrition."

"The aim is for families to become aware of the problems caused by the lack of iron, as well as to inform them about the solution," he added.

In this regard, the official announced parents will soon be allowed to receive —free of charge at health centers— the necessary medication to keep their children protected from anemia.

"We need policies to respond to people's needs, as well as guarantee their rights, and strengthen their capacities," he highlighted.

Villanueva went on to say that State services must be adjusted to the diversity of the population, without discrimination. 

"This cabinet will be permanently in the regions to enforce policies through the different interventions. Our commitment is to visit one region every week," he concluded.


Published: 5/2/2018
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