Peru PM: Gov't ready to open dialogue concerning Tia Maria mining project

17:29 | Lima, Jul. 17.

Peruvian Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Wednesday affirmed the Vizcarra administration is ready to start a dialogue concerning Tia Maria mining project and maintain it in order to give the Islay Province (Arequipa region) population peace of mind.

Likewise, the cabinet chief indicated ultimatums do not build anything or reverse administrative processes in a democratic State. 

In this sense, he mentioned the construction permit was granted to Southern Peru Copper Corporation after a long administrative procedure, in which the company complied with the requirements. 

It should be noted the corporation has promised not to start construction, unless there is a favorable environment to clear the population's doubts.

According to Del Solar, the government considers that development can be supported by diverse productive activities such as fishing, farming, and mining. Thus, dialogue will help define the development strategy for Valle del Tambo residents.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister hailed native communities' decision to resume the path towards dialogue

Tia Maria

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra expressed his administration's willingness for dialogue to resolve differences over the project, which Southern Peru Copper Corporation expects to develop in Islay Province (Arequipa region).

However, Executive Branch spokespersons warned that —even though the license has been issued— this does not mean the mining company can begin operations. It needs to earn —through dialogue— a social license first.

For its part, the mining company committed itself not to start operations before setting up a dialogue space to resolve social concerns.


Published: 7/17/2019
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