Peru: Southern Peru Copper Corp granted authorization to build Tia Maria

17:04 | Lima, Jul. 9.

Southern Peru Copper Corporation has received the construction permit for Tia Maria mining project to be developed in Islay Province (Arequipa region).

In a letter to the Superintendence of Securities Market (SMV), the company indicates it received the authorization after having completed the corresponding process, adding that it complied with the requirements.

Guarantees to the population 

Likewise, Southern reaffirmed its promise to not start construction before dialogue spaces are created —in coordination with the Executive Branch— aimed at addressing the population's concerns and giving them the assurance they need. 

"In order to achieve a more favorable social context, in the meanwhile, we will keep working for the population's well-being (…)," the company expressed. 

Furthermore, it indicated Tia Maria mining project will not affect other economic activities, as it will make use of desalinated sea water for its operations. 

Industrial railway 

Moreover, Southern Peru Copper Corporation will build an industrial railway and an access road with the purpose of transporting supplies and copper production.

Finally, the company stated it will prioritize the hiring of local labor during the construction and operation phases of the project


Published: 7/9/2019
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