Peru PM: Government is committed to dialogue

Photo: Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM)

Photo: Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM)

12:41 | Iquitos (Loreto region), Jan. 14.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Friday affirmed President Martin Vizcarra's administration is committed to dialogue and to remain working with a long-term vision towards a better future for all Peruvians.

On Thursday, Del Solar held a meeting with the Apus (chief) of the native communities of Corrientes, Pastaza, Marañon, and Tigre River basins. 

Within this framework, they addressed the population's needs such water, sanitation, as well as health and pollution issues

On the occasion, they were joined by Ministers Miguel Estrada (Housing, Construction and Sanitation), Francisco Ismodes (Energy and Mines), and Lucia Ruiz (Environment).

"We are a Government that permanently works, as a team, articulating (efforts) with regional and local governments. We are all the same country," the Prime Minister expressed. 

Likewise, Del Solar pointed out the people from the four river basins —who were tested for possible contamination— were given timely information each. Besides, additional tests have been requested. 

Furthermore, he mentioned the Ministers —along with the Apus and the area's mayors— reviewed the progress made in the corresponding commitments and corrected some aspects.

It should be noted there are nine projects, seven of which —related to water and sanitation— are currently being worked on. 


Published: 6/14/2019
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