Peru: PCM expresses sorrow over Defense Minister's death

14:57 | Lima, Jun. 24.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) has expressed its sorrow over the death of Defense Minister Jose Huerta and sent its condolences to his family.

"We will honor your legacy aimed at serving the country. Rest in peace, Jose," it said via Twitter. 

Likewise, PCM paid homage to his career in the public sector and military. 

"With 35 years of professional service provided to the nation, retired General of Division Jose Huerta proved his vocation and commitment towards the Armed Forces and worked tirelessly for national security," the message indicates.

"His patriotic example and professionalism leave a mark on our Armed Forces (…)," it added.

Furthermore, it honored his commitment to pacifying the Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers (Vraem), eradicating illegal mining, as well as promoting and strengthening the voluntary military service among youngsters in the country. 

"With his death, Peru has lost a valuable citizen and exemplary public official," it concluded. 

As is known, Minister of Defense Huerta died at 71 on Monday morning during a visit to the jungle, where he was scheduled to carry out some activities linked to his sector.


Published: 6/24/2019