Peru: Ministers sworn in at Government Palace

16:34 | Lima, Apr. 2.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra swore in 19 State Ministers on Monday afternoon, 10 days after having taken office as the new Head of State and Government.

The corresponding ceremony took place at the Palace's Courtyard instead of the Golden Hall.

Below is the list of new high-ranked officials:

Prime Minister:
Cesar Villanueva Arevalo

Economy and Finance Minister:
David Tuesta Cardenas

Transport and Communications Minister:
Edmer Trujillo Mori (initially sworn-in on March 27)

Foreign Affairs Minister:
Nestor Popolizio Bardales

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister:
Rogers Valencia Espinoza

Energy and Mines Minister:
Francisco Ismodes Mezzano

Agriculture and Irrigation Minister: 
Gustavo Mostajo Ocola

Education Minister:
Daniel Alfaro Paredes

Defense Minister:
Jose Huerta Torres

Justice and Human Rights Minister:
Salvador Heresi Chicoma

Health Minister: 
Silvia Pessah Eljay

Interior Minister:
Mauro Medina Guimaraes

Labor and Employment Minister:
Christian Sanchez Reyes

Housing, Construction, and Sanitation Minister:
Javier Pique del Pozo

Environment Minister:
Fabiola Muñoz Dodero

Development and Social Inclusion Minister:
Liliana La Rosa Huertas

Production Minister:
Daniel Cordova Cayo

Women and Vulnerable Populations:
Ana Maria Mendieta Trefogli

Culture Minister:
Patricia Balbuena Palacios

Mr. Vizcarra took office on March 23, after his predecessor Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned in the face of a second impeachment vote and amid a political crisis.


Published: 4/2/2018
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