Peru: Non-traditional fishery, agro-exports stood out in Jan-Nov 2018

13:07 | Lima, Jan. 23.

Fishery and farming segments became the non-traditional exports' sub-sectors that posted the greatest expansions between January and November 2018, increasing 31% and 16% —respectively— over the same period the previous year, Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) has informed.

According to CCL's Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute (Idexcam) Executive-Director Carlos Posada, total shipments are expected to have reached US$48 billion in 2018, an 8% rise compared to 2017. 

Likewise, non-traditional exports totaled US$11.985 billion (+14%) in the aforementioned period. It should be noted the fishery sub-sector amounted to US$1.27 billion, and the farming sub-sector reached US$5.207 billion.  

"Even though the country experienced political inconveniences during 2018, it was a productive year for exports in general," Posada expressed. 

Furthermore, he indicated Peruvian shipments —in the 11-month period in 2018— rose 43% compared to the same term in 2015, and 9% if compared to its similar in 2017. 

It should be noted fresh avocados (US$721 million, +23%) stood out among non-traditional agro-exports, and frozen cuttlefish (US$346 million, +93%) did the same in the fishery sub-sector. 

In addition, Posada pointed out the chemical sub-sector will boost this expansion, since it registered a 14% increase (US$1.42 billion) in November. 

Traditional sector 

On the other hand, traditional shipments totaled US$31.544 billion (+7%) between January and November 2018.

The petroleum and natural gas (+24%) sectors, as well as the mining sphere (+6%) stood out in this sense.


Published: 1/23/2019
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