Peru: Non-traditional exports to expand 12% in 2019

10:48 | Lima, Jan. 30.

Since 2017, non-traditional exports have been recovering at a growth rate of over 10%; this situation will continue in 2019, registering a 12% expansion, Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) ex-Chairman Eduardo Amorrortu affirmed Wednesday.

Within this framework, the businessman indicated the Inca country's non-traditional shipments currently experience a rebound, since they posted a 10.5% increase in 2017 and at least a 14% rise by end-2018. 

Furthermore, Amorrortu pointed out non-traditional products will underpin total exports growth, amounting to approximately US$15 billion. 

However, traditional goods —such as mining, fishery, among others— might register a 3% slid. Plus, a drop in international copper prices is projected.

"The opposite situation can be seen in the non-traditional sector, in which the demand for value-added products, mainly agricultural such as grapes, avocados, mangoes or blueberries, has increased and will remain strong until 2021, with an annual expansion rate above 10%," he expressed.

Peru's total exports may border US$50 billion in 2019, thus rising over the same period last year (US$48 billion). 


According to Amorrortu, the Inca country's exports should exceed US$60 billion in 2021—the nation's Independence Bicentennial— driven by non-traditional products as well.


Published: 1/30/2019
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