Peru: Exports total US$43.458 billion between Jan-Nov 2018

12:58 | Lima, Jan. 7.

Peruvian exports reached US$43.458 billion between January and November 2018, thus increasing 8.9% compared to the same period last year (US$39.909 billion), Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez informed.

This result was mainly boosted by traditional shipments, which amounted to US$31.483 billion (+7%), and non-traditional exports that totaled US$11.974 billion (+14.2%). 

The top destinations were countries in Asia (+14%), Europe (+6.2%), and the Americas (+4.5%). 

Non-traditional and traditional

By November 2018, non-traditional exports broke a record, exceeding all the figures registered in previous years, and posted 28 months of continuous growth. 

"This outcome was underpinned by greater sales of giant squid (+67%), blueberries (+47%), grapes (+40%), avocados (+23%), fine hair products (+22%), cotton garments (+12%), and refined zinc (+10%)," Minister Vasquez expressed. 

On the other hand, traditional shipments' expansion was mainly driven by higher sales of natural gas (+45%) and zinc (+14.2%). 


Agro-exports —which make up 43% of non-traditional shipments— totaled US$5.175 billion in the 11-month period, breaking a new record. 

Within this framework, exports of blueberries (+47%), chestnuts (+36%), avocados (+23%), bananas (+14), and citrus fruits (+7%) reached record figures by October 2018.

Fishery sector 

The Inca country's fishery exports have also increased significantly. The sector's shipments expanded 22.6% in November and 30.2% between Jan-Nov (US$1.297 billion). 

The top exported products were giant squids (+67%) and canned fish (+38%).


Published: 1/7/2019
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