Peru: New Attorney General to declare Public Ministry in state of emergency

16:24 | Lima, Jan. 8.

Peru's recently-designated Attorney General Zoraida Avalos on Tuesday announced her decision to declare the Public Ministry in state of emergency.

According to the interim Attorney General, the measure is aimed at regaining citizens' trust in the institution.

"I will face fully and without any truce the fight against corruption. For that reason, the autonomy of the Public Ministry is necessary," the official expressed. 

"Due to the difficult situation our institution is facing, and until the National Justice Board is implemented, I declare the Public Ministry in state of emergency," Avalos said. 


In this sense, she indicated one of the adopted measures will be to support the Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group, Callao's Provincial Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Organized Crime, and the Transitory Supreme Prosecutor's Office specialized in crimes committed by public officials. 

However, the Attorney General pointed out other Prosecutor's Offices will not be neglected. 

Logistic and staff assistance will be provided for the cases linked to: the National Council of the Magistracy's (CNM) recordings and the Port's White Collars.

Moreover, Avalos informed a bill to modify the prosecutorial career law will be presented in order to take more drastic measures on prosecutors who have committed acts of corruption

"Crisis is an opportunity for real and substantial changes. I urge all members of the Public Ministry to work together on this difficult but not impossible task," she concluded. 

As is known, Avalos was appointed —by the Supreme Board of Prosecutors— to replace Pedro Chavarry, who submitted his resignation to the post earlier today.


Published: 1/8/2019
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