Peru President: Public Ministry not solid enough to fight corruption

13:14 | Ferreñafe (Lambayeque region), Dec. 28.

President Vizcarra on Friday affirmed the Public Ministry is not solid enough to work against corruption.

Likewise, the Head of State indicated the Attorney General's Office is a leaderless institution, adding internal conflicts are proof of that

Furthermore, he pointed out the Judiciary, as well as other organizations, have expressed concern regarding the Public Ministry's leadership. 

"We have already given our opinions, but we do not get involved because we respect the institutions' independence," the top official said in this sense.

In Peru, the Public Ministry is independent of the Executive Branch.

Moreover, he informed the Interior Ministry currently assesses the safety of Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez and his family. 

As is known, Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez is part of the Lava Jato Case Special Team. He is the one who requested preventive detention for Fuerza Popular party leader Keiko Fujimori. His request was approved by the Judicial Branch.


Published: 12/28/2018
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