Peru makes progress in trade talks with UK

14:44 | Lima, Feb. 20.

Peruvian Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Sayuri Bayona on Wednesday affirmed progress is being made on negotiations with the United Kingdom towards reaching a trade agreement, within the framework of its withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

"We already have a preferential relation with the United Kingdom under the trade accord we have with the EU (…)," the official told Andina news agency. 

On the other hand, the deputy minister informed the upgrade of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China will begin soon

Likewise, Bayona indicated the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) seeks to make e-commerce easier with the Asian Giant in order to enhance its use. 

Furthermore, she mentioned trade accords with Common Market of the South (Mercosur) countries —such as Argentina— are expected to be expanded and upgraded. 

"We are already in talks with them, and we will hold a meeting in March (…)," the official added. 

Moreover, the official pointed out they currently work on the entry into force of the Peru-Australia FTA

"Besides, we are negotiating with India. Plus, we have rounds scheduled for March and June," she concluded. 


Published: 2/20/2019
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