Peru to get more opportunities in the UK after Brexit

12:10 | Lima, Jul. 17.

Peru's opportunities in the United Kingdom will increase once British withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) is concluded, UK Ambassador to Lima Kate Harrisson said on Tuesday.

In an interview with El Peruano official gazette, Harrisson said trade, investment, and cooperation ties between the two countries will strengthen with greater possibilities in both directions. 

According to the diplomat, the relationship is very close. Peru and the UK prioritize infrastructure and education, and now that the Andean nation is a UN Security Council member, their collective work has increased.

Harrison stated the UK Government and companies look for business opportunities and ties beyond Europe.

In fact —she continued— British firms' interest in South America and Peru has increased considering Asia's growth is slightly weaker.

British investments are mostly concentrated in mining, and this will continue. However, the UK also strives to diversify into health, defense, security, and infrastructure sectors as this would be advantageous for Peru.

"Peru is the third country most vulnerable to climate change, and we want to support with sustainable and clean infrastructure," the UK envoy pointed out.

She went on to say both sides are holding talks to use the EU agreement with Peru to develop a bilateral (FTA-like) deal —involving the abovementioned nations— at the end of the Brexit transition period so that Peruvian and British companies do not experience changes in trade.


Published: 7/17/2018
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