Peru judge orders 18-month preventive detention against ex-Lima Mayor

15:56 | Lima, May. 14.

The Third Preparatory Investigation Court for Corruption Offenses Committed by Public Officials on Tuesday ordered an 18-month preventive detention against ex-Lima Mayor Susana Villaran, within the framework of the money laundering investigation on the financing —made by Brazilian companies Odebrecht and OAS— for campaigns during her tenure between 2011 and 2014.

As is known, the Public Ministry requested to change the measure —of appearance with restrictions on Villaran— to 36-month preventive detention, as evidence of illicit association to commit crimes, proper passive bribery, and money laundering offenses were found. 

Judge Jorge Chavez said he decided for a shorter term because the investigation against her is already well advanced.

69-year-old Villaran allegedly committed the offenses when she accepted the money from companies Odebrecht and OAS to finance her anti-recall campaign and in favor of her unsuccessful reelection. 

The audience was initially going to take place on Monday. Prosecutor Carlos Puma —member of the Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group— asked for additional 48 hours to submit new evidence. However, the judge only granted him 24 hours.   

Villaran had been under appearance with restrictions since August 2018.

Prosecutor Angela Zuloaga affirmed the Public Ministry will appeal the decision, as they consider the preventive detention should last 36 months.

For his part, Villaran's lawyer Ivan Paredes said he will file an appeal against today's decision.

Odebrecht and OAS

Furthermore, Barata affirmed former Municipal Manager Jose Miguel Castro had used the alias "Budian" and received the tainted money from Odebrecht.

Last Saturday, the ex-Lima Mayor admitted Brazilian companies Odebrecht and OAS had financed her anti-recall campaign.

Likewise, Villaran affirmed she and Castro were the only ones involved in receiving money from Odebrecht and OAS, adding ex-Citizen Security Manager Gabriel Prado (2011-2013) was not linked to the contributions.


Published: 5/14/2019