Peru: Prosecutors raid homes of Lima's ex-mayor and municipal manager

ANDINA/Melina Mejía

15:37 | Lima, Apr. 5.

Peruvian Prosecutor's Office on Thursday raided the homes of Lima's former Mayor Susana Villaran (2011-2014) and ex-municipal manager Jose Miguel Castro, as part of an investigation over alleged payments by Brazilian company Odebrecht to an electoral campaign launched by Villaran.

As is known, said campaign was aimed at preventing her from losing a recall election held five years ago. 

Joined by police agents, special prosecutors raided both properties located in Lima's Miraflores district.

The raids were ordered by Peru's Judicial Power as a response to the request made by the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Corruption Offenses.

Such operations comprised the confiscation of documents, possessions, and objects of interest to the investigations, as well as the vehicles found in the two properties.

It must be noted Jorge Barata —former Odebrecht representative to the Inca country— told Peruvian prosecutors that he had made a US$3 million contribution to financially support the aforementioned campaign back in 2013.

This payment was requested by Castro, who had called Barata to hold a meeting in Lima. 

According to the raid resolution, Barata had received a phone call from Villaran —after the audience— asking him to support the anti-recall campaign. 

Susana Villaran and Jose Miguel Castro are investigated by the Prosecutor's Office over alleged offenses of passive bribery and money laundering against the State. 


Published: 4/5/2018
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