Peru: Investment budget exceeds US$2.80 billion in 2020

14:21 | Lima, Jan. 24.

Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) will continue guiding its investment in 2020 under two pillars of the General Government Policy, which are infrastructure and market efficiency.

According to Transport and Communications Minister Edmer Trujillo, a total budget of S/9.554 billion (around US$2.876 billion) has been designated to achieve the goal.

It should be noted the MTC reached the historical figure of S/7.256 billion (around US$ 2.184 billion) in investments during 2019. 

In 2020 —as happened last year— the sector will allocate most of its budget to the road network. Thus, an amount of S/6.021 billion (around US$1.812 billion) will be invested in roads and bridges. It represents 63% of the total budget. 
The projects with the highest budgets are Huanuco-Conococha and Oyon-Ambo Highways, with amounts of S/362 million (around US$108.97 million), and S/240 million (around US$72.25 million), respectively.

Other projects are: Pallasca-Mollepata Highway, with a budget of S/183 million (around US$55.087 million); Lima-Canta-La Viuda Highway, with a budgeted investment of S/163 million (US$49.067 million); Bellavista-Mazan Highway, with S/161 million (around US$48.465 million); and Canchaque-Huancabamba Highway, with an allocated budget of S/148 million (around US$44.55 million).
The goal for this year means managing 86% of the national road network to be paved, and thus reach 88% in June 2021. 
Similarly, the aim for this year —in the departmental road network— is to pave 601 kilometers. Besides, by June 2021, 5,011 km will be under construction. 
Finally, 451 bridges will be built and/or installed this year, which represents nearly three times the number of bridges built in 2019. 

Other projects —including Lima Metro Line 2, water transport, and telecommunication-related ones— are also included in the entire budget.


Published: 1/24/2020
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