Peru intends to become model country for solar energy investments

13:49 | Lima, Nov. 12.

Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos on Tuesday affirmed that Peru seeks to become a model country for attracting investments in solar power generation projects.

"We want to become a model country and a Latin American benchmark for investments in solar energy," Zeballos said during the inauguration of the Sun World 2019 event, which takes place at Lima Convention Center from November 12 to 14.

"For Peru, Sun World is the milestone and starting point, from which our country starts the search for a regional positioning on the use of renewable energy for sustainable development," he added.

The high-ranking official recalled that the Inca nation has a specific regulatory framework because —in 2008— the Legislative Decree No. 1002: Law for the Promotion of Investment in Electricity Generation with the Use of Renewable Energies was issued, through which the national energy matrix diversification is boosted.

"Peru signed the Cooperation Agreement with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in December 2018, sealing its commitment to boosting the use of renewable energy," he expressed.

According to Zeballos, ISA is a group of 59 countries, and it plans to invest US$1 billion for solar energy by 2030, which means it has a high potential to generate solar energy resources and the possibility of starting a revolution in the regional energy market.

Diversified matrix

The Prime Minister stressed that Peru already relies on a diversified energy matrix, with renewable resources such as the hydroelectric, solar, wind, and bio-energy ones.

"The hydroelectric plants are the ones that, for the moment, provide greater power to the National Interconnected Electric System. Peru, through the Ministry of Energy and Mines, has been promoting a series of electricity generation projects with renewable energies," Zeballos stated.

"As a result, there have been four auctions with seven solar power generation companies, with an investment of US$596 million and an installed capacity of 280.48 megawatts," he concluded.


Published: 11/12/2019
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