Peru's largest wind farm opened in Ica

08:30 | Marcona (Ica region), Jul. 18.

Energy and Mines Minister Francisco Ismodes on Tuesday opened the largest wind farm in Peru. Located in Marcona, the facility is designed to generate electricity to power approximately 482,000 households.

This is made possible under a 20-year supply contract signed between Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) and Enel Green Power Peru.

Wayra I wind farm has an installed capacity of 132 MW and entailed an investment of US$165 million.

Renewable energies

This way, Peru advances in the generation of renewable energies as MEM promotes the distribution of clean and green electricity produced from wind power in Nazca. 

Wayra I will produce 605 gigawatt/hour, with which the State aims to guarantee permanent electricity supply for the population, basic services for sustainable development, and economic growth.

The facility relies on 42 wind turbines to provide approximately 600 gigawatt/hour a year, to be supplied by Enel to the National Interconnected System (SEIN) in favor of the population.

Ismodes congratulated Enel's investment, which will help surpass the 5% energy matrix target —based on renewable energies— substantially, as 4.4% has been achieved in this first stage.

He went on to say Wayra I's wind energy production will prevent the emission of about 285,000 tons of CO2 per year.


Published: 7/18/2018
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