Peru Health Min: Quarantine decision must be made very carefully

12:15 | Lima, Apr. 22.

Every step the Government takes and every decision it makes regarding the COVID-19 emergency must be considered very carefully so as not to ruin the progress made by Peruvians in the implementation of response measures, Health Minister Victor Zamora affirmed.

According to the minister, everything Peruvians have accomplished and suffered, as well as the lives that have been saved —thanks to the confinement and application of restrictions— may be ruined if we rush to resume the economic activity

Statements were made on Tuesday night on a local TV show broadcast by ATV channel, when asked if the Government is considering to extend the social immobilization regime after April 26.

"Our goal is that the pandemic has as little impact as possible, to provide social protection, and return to normal," he pointed out.

The government official affirmed that the health sector team is making every effort to curb the pandemic and that this is reflected in the figures.

As is known, the quarantine was extended until April 26 to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country. 

As stated by President Martin Vizcarra, such decision was based on technical, scientific, and professional information.


Published: 4/22/2020
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