Peru Health Min: A different kind of quarantine to be imposed after April 26

16:11 | Lima, Apr. 19.

Health Minister Victor Zamora on Sunday affirmed that "a different kind of quarantine" will be imposed in Peru after April 26 —date the mandatory social isolation is scheduled to end— as new health safety measures need to be implemented.

"The most difficult task has to do with education (the restart of classes), as stated by President Vizcarra, since there is a high risk of infection there. However, in the case of other industries, safety measures will be taken to allow social contact (among co-workers)," the cabinet member expressed.

Remarks were made as he visited the Pan American Village —a complex of 7 towers, 20 floors each designed to house athletes during Lima 2019 Games— whose facilities were made available for the treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

Zamora explained that the lifting of the current quarantine will be at the discretion of health care professionals.

However, the economic revitalization will require other elements such as occupational health and safety, as well as new operational rules, which are being assessed by the Ministries of Economy-Finance and Production.

"Industries will have to adopt new practices," the minister emphasized.


Published: 4/19/2020
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