Peru Gov't commits over US$47 million to reduce violence against women by 2020

19:31 | Paracas (Ica region), Nov. 28.

Peru's Economy and Finance Minister Maria Antonieta Alva on Thursday announced that S/160 million (around US$47.1 million) is being earmarked for the results-oriented Budgetary Plan in order to strengthen services that help reduce violence against women.

"S/160 million (around US$47.1 million) is being allocated for the results-oriented Budgetary Plan for 2020, a historic budget allocation to deploy and strengthen services that help us reduce violence against women," she expressed.

"This results-oriented Budgetary Plan is only the first step. In this respect, we need both public servants and political authorities to commit to achieving the proposed results," the cabinet member explained.

She affirmed the use of evidence has enabled a rigorous evaluation to determine which services ensure the greatest impact and well-being of users, thus leading to the adoption of an agenda that improves current services to optimize the quality of public spending.

"The plan's multi-sectoral feature recognizes the need for active articulation among all entities in the service chain in order to address problems affecting our girls, boys, teenagers, and women," Alva said.

"We have prepared the results-oriented Budgetary Plan to Reduce Violence against Women, in coordination with entities in charge and under two premises: multi-sector nature and use of evidence," she added.

The minister participated in the 2nd Mayoresses of the Bicentennial Meeting, where she noted that one of Peru's main challenges is to become a society free of violence and gender discrimination, with equal opportunities for all.

At age 34, Maria Antonieta Alva is the youngest cabinet member in President Martin Vizcarra's administration.


Published: 11/28/2019
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