Peru: Former President Toledo arrested in U.S. for being drunk

15:44 | Redwood City (California), Mar. 18.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry on Monday confirmed that ex-President Alejandro Toledo was arrested in San Mateo County —south of San Francisco— for being drunk at a local restaurant.

Once informed of the arrest, the Peruvian Consulate in San Francisco contacted authorities at Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City, where Toledo remained until he was released today at 10:30 AM (local time).

His release took place in conformity with U.S. legal requirements as such behavior did not constitute an offense that requires greater time in jail.

In a release, the Ministry indicated Toledo's arrest was not linked to the ongoing extradition process, which is being conducted with the utmost diligence in coordination with several State-run institutions.

For his part, the former Peruvian President denied he had been under arrest.

"I'm at home writing a book," he told RPP radio and TV station.

Wanted in Peru

As is known, Alejandro Toledo is accused of allegedly having received millions in bribes from the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht to secure the Inter-Oceanic Highway contract, a major infrastructure venture connecting Peru and Brazil.

It must be noted this transaction was allegedly made when he was President of Peru (2001-2006).  

In this sense, the former Head of State is indicted on charges of collusion, money laundering, and influence peddling.

As a result, Peruvian authorities ordered his preventive detention in 2017 and later issued an international arrest warrant for extradition purposes


Published: 3/18/2019