U.S. analyzes ex-President Alejandro Toledo's extradition process

10:33 | Lima, Feb. 1.

The Prosecutor's Office, through its International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions Unit (UCJIE), said the U.S. Department of Justice is undertaking a careful review of the ex-President Alejandro Toledo extradition file, at the request of Peru's First Preparatory Investigation Court.

Peruvian Embassy in Washington D.C. submitted the said file to the U.S. Department of State in May 2018. 

Afterward, some inquiries were made to the UCJIE, which were directed to the court requesting the extradition. 

Such court resolved the inquiries and, once translated, were sent back to the United States —through diplomatic channels— for their presentation in July last year.

According to the United States, its Department of Justice is analyzing the sizeable extradition request while making additional inquiries to competent prosecutors in the district where the Peruvian fugitive resides.


Alejandro Toledo is accused of having allegedly received US$20 million in bribes from the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht to secure the Inter-Oceanic Highway contract, a major infrastructure venture connecting Peru and Brazil.

It must be noted this transaction was made when he was President of Peru (2001-2006).  

In this sense, the former leader is indicted on charges of collusion, money laundering, and influence peddling.

As a result, Peruvian authorities ordered his preventive detention in 2017 and issued an international arrest warrant for extradition purposes.


Published: 2/1/2019
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