Peru: Fishery sector landings up 70.3% in 2018

13:51 | Lima, Jan. 30.

Peru's extractive fishing activity reached a 70.3% expansion during 2018 by registering total landings of hydrobiological resources amounting to 7.2 million metric tons (MT), Production Minister Raul Perez-Reyes informed Wednesday.

"This outcome was underpinned by the good performance of anchovy landings intended for indirect human consumption, which expanded 91.2% (…)," the high-ranking official expressed.

Likewise, he indicated that —in terms of value— fishing activity posted a 39.7% rise reaching S/.4.979 billion (US$1.481 billion) if compared to 2017.


Minister Perez-Reyes pointed out total landing volumes in December 2018 amounted to 1.11 million MT, thus increasing 1,235% (over 13 times) compared to the same month the previous year.

This result was also driven by a greater volume of anchovy landings destined for indirect human consumption, which was equivalent to 1.033 million MT.

It should be noted 59.3% of the said volume was registered in Chimbote, Chicama, Supe, and Callao ports.

The official went on to add that —in terms of economic value— the extractive fishing activity in December posted a 225.9% rise (S/635 million = US$189 million) over the same month in 2017.


Published: 1/30/2019