Peru FA Min: Venezuelan migration must be orderly and safe

10:41 | Beijing (China), Aug. 29.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio on Wednesday said the influx of Venezuelan citizens into Peruvian territory —caused by the current humanitarian crisis facing the Bolivarian country— must be conducted in an informed, orderly, and safe manner.

The Venezuela situation was one of the issues discussed at a meeting he held with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing, China.

Popolizio remarked Peru will always be a supportive nation and —under this perspective— expects the international community to contribute to finding a solution to such a mass exodus.

"There are more than 400,000 Venezuelans in Peru, and the passport requirement has been implemented. This doesn't mean they are not allowed to enter the country, but we want an informed, orderly, and safe migration," he told Andina news agency.

"We need support from the international community to deal with a problem that cannot be tackled by a single country on its own, the approach needs regional and multilateral measures because the mass exodus of Venezuelans —resulting from the crisis— is significant," he stated.

In order to address this issue, he explained, countries in the region need to carry out closer cooperation under a multilateral framework.

According to the diplomat, there are several cooperation mechanisms within the UN system, such as the International Organization for Migration, the World Health Organization, among others.

"It is crucial to keep on working all together, plus we need the support from specific countries to extend an adequate welcome to Venezuelans reaching our nations," he affirmed.


Published: 8/29/2018
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