Venezuelans required passport to enter Peru

10:05 | Lima, Aug. 25.

Venezuelan citizens need passports to enter Peru starting today.

Last week, Interior Minister Mauro Medina said the measure would be implemented, so that properly-documented immigrants —currently coming to the Inca nation— could achieve their goal.

"The passport requirement will be in effect from 00:00 hrs. on Saturday, August 25, 2018, to provide conditions for ensuring an orderly, safe entry of Venezuelan citizens in Peru," Medina stated at that time.

He went on to add the measure is not a xenophobic, hostile or discriminatory measure. It responds to security reasons and pursues an accurate control of foreigners and nationals entering the Andean country.

At that time, he recalled several Venezuelans had been caught using forged documents to enter Peru and that some of them had been arrested in unlawful situations.

Nevertheless, Medina assured the measure would safeguard hospitable conditions and Venezuelans' rights.

Some 400,000 Venezuelans are currently in Peru due to the humanitarian crisis existing in their nation. According to official figures, 320,000 of them entered the country carrying passports.

Days ago, the Peruvian Government affirmed that recent migratory measures do not intend to close doors to citizens of the neighboring nation but to strengthen control of people crossing into national territory.


Published: 8/25/2018
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