Peru FA Min meets with UN Secretary-General

14:05 | New York (U.S.), Oct. 16.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra held a cordial and constructive work meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, with whom he addressed issues included in the international agenda.

During the gathering held last Tuesday, the Inca country's diplomat informed Guterres about the Peruvian parliamentary elections scheduled for January 26, 2020, called in accordance with the Constitution

In this sense, the UN Head offered the organization's technical support to Peru. At the same time, he recognized the electoral experience of the South American nation.

Likewise, both officials exchanged opinions on the world's political situation.

In particular, Ambassador Meza-Cuadra mentioned the impact of Venezuelan migration on the Inca nation and the importance of the international community's support in order to attend to this situation.  

Furthermore, Guterres commended the solidarity of the countries receiving Venezuelan migrants and agreed that a greater mobilization of international support is necessary. 

Moreover, the UN Secretary-General recognized the role and importance of Peru for regional stability within a context of political volatility. He also expressed his willingness to continue working closely on the multilateral agenda. 


Published: 10/16/2019
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