Pan American Games Torch to travel across Peru

00:00 | Lima, Jul. 5.

The Pan American Torch, which arrived Wednesday from Teotihuacan (Mexico), reached the mesmerizing Inca citadel of Machu Picchu on Thursday to begin a 23-day journey across 26 cities in the Andes, jungle and coast of Peru.

The torch relay will end on July 26 at the National Stadium, where the Opening Ceremony for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games will take place.

Juliaca and Puno

As scheduled by the organizing committee, the torch will reach Puno region on July 5. 

Welcoming initiatives have been prepared in Juliaca and Puno cities as part of a festive atmosphere reigning mainly on Lake Titicaca.


The journey will continue towards Moquegua City, where it is set to arrive on Saturday, July 6.

A total of 72 torchbearers, including sporting, social, and cultural personalities, will participate in this stage of the relay.


A day later, the torch will arrive in Arequipa. Locals and authorities of the White City will receive it as it is carried through its principal streets before it reaches the Colca Valley —the region's major tourist destination.


The torch will leave the southern highlands to continue its journey towards the coast, and its first stop will be in Ica region, on Tuesday, July 9.

The itinerary includes stops in the capital city and the enigmatic Nazca Lines.


Two days later, on July 11, the flame will be taken back to the Peruvian Andes —Huancayo City, to be more specific. Huancayo is the capital of Junin and one of the principal destinations in the central highlands of Peru.


On July 12, the torch will head to the north towards Huanuco City, where it will be received by authorities, athletes and locals at its main square.


The Pan American flame will then make its way to Tarapoto —the capital city of San Martin region and entry point to the Peruvian Amazon.

Bagua Grande

The next stop, on July 17, will be Bagua Grande —the capital of Utcubamba Province and heart of the Amazonas region— which is preparing a special welcome.


The torch will continue its relay to Piura, in the northern coast of Peru, on July 19, where the last details are being taken care of for an auspicious welcome of the Games' symbol.


The next day, the torch will reach Chiclayo City, the capital of Lambayeque region, where the best locations are being set to watch the relay of the torch carried by renowned athletes and local personalities.


Torchbearers will take the flame to Cajamarca City on July 11. Avenues and emblematic squares of the Inca Empire's second most important city will witness the passing of the flame.


The next stop will be Trujillo City, the capital of La Libertad region. The symbol of the most important multi-sport event in the Americas will then get to Chan Chan —the largest adobe city in South America and capital of the pre-Hispanic Chimu Kingdom.

Chimbote and Huaraz

On Tuesday, July 23, the flame will be received by both Chimbote and Huaraz cities. Authorities, outstanding athletes, and locals are getting ready for the welcome.


The oldest city in the Americas, Caral, occupies an important place in the itinerary. The torch's presence constitutes a unique opportunity to promote Caral's cultural, socio-economic, and productive importance in the history of Peru.


Peru's most important port city Callao —the cradle of outstanding athletes and host of some of the Lima 2019 competitions— will receive the flame on July 25.


The journey will end on July 26 at the National Stadium in the Peruvian capital city, where the Opening Ceremony for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games will take place through August 11.

Published: 7/5/2019
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